TCH ERC223 Staking Project

How to Start Staking

Step 1 : 0xe03c23519e18d64f144d2800e30e81b0065c48b5 (Mercatox) wallet Transfer your #TCH from Mercatox to Your Private wallet & save transaction ID take snapshot

Google FORM Live from 30 April 2019

Staking Live 1st May

Staked TCH Tokens Are Automatically Part of Upcoming #Thorecash STO

IMPORTANT : Only Mercatox wallet existing#TCH is eligible for Staking Rewards

Staking Factor & Duration

Total 5000000 #TCH ERC223 Maximum (1st Phase)

The following staking periods are available to choose from to stake ThoreCash(TCH)-ERC223 on ThoreExchange

59 Days (34% Reward)

119 Days (67% Reward)

187 Days (104% Reward)

The longer you stake your #TCH the higher your staking factor(Reward) will be

Lets say you have 1000 #TCH Token, You can stake them using our internal exchange #THE #ThoreExchange , there will be minimum time limit 59 days & Maximum 187 days So if you stake your coin for 59 Days, you will get Reward for staking your #TCH . Once you stake your ThoreCash(TCH) you will not be able to withdraw or trade them since they are now locked until the end of the staking duration but will instead earn 50 %*+ of the trading profits on Thore Exchange +

As mentioned 50%* of the trading profits from ThoreExchange will be distributed between #TCH holders proportionally.

Staking has been employed in several ways by blockchain technologies, most notably as the key component of POS
But staking is not only for proof-of-stake. #TCH staking serves as the basis for an incentive system that provides several unique benefits for Bonafide users of ThoreCash Value Unlock

Staking allows users to temporarily lock up (“stake”) their #TCH tokens to receive token rewards in exchange. By staking their tokens, users will receive token rewards from #TCH RTL demand hosted on the #THE platform. In effect, this single investment into #TCH unlocks the ability to actively invest in every #RTL Project through the platform. The more #TCH tokens staked, the more the user will earn