#THE Token Swap ERC20- #THEX Waves

Thore Network
Aug 28, 2018 · 1 min read

simple form that you will need to fill out, in which you will provide your wallet information which holds the #ERC20 #THE tokens. We will take this information and verify all transaction information

Once we receive your information, we will begin the process of analyzing your wallet to confirm the status of your tokens We request that every token holder fill out the form (above), where you will be asked to provide your wallet details and few basic information.

Token Swap Project #THE #THEX

#THE ERC20 Tokens 750000 Ready to Swap

1 THEX #Waves = 21 ERC20 Token

1 THEX Waves token price $1.25 Listing Price*

Only 1000000 THEX Token available Circulating Supply 555555 Only- ThoreExchange Native Token

THEX Token will be Listed with Stocks.Exchange THORE Exchange & Waves DEX (OCT-Nov 2018)

Waves Integration with Thore Exchange is started

This is ONE Time Massive Opportunity

Submit Details Before 3rd SEPT 2018