ThoreCash #TCH Project Update

Thore Network

TCH is building the protocol for decentralized peer-to-peer lending, in partnership with Metamask & WavesLabs

ThoreCashApp is a suite of tools that make it easy to plug a line of credit into any decentralized application. In lieu of forcing your first-time users to purchase crypto at a brokerage or exchange, a TCH integration will give your users a button that they can click and finish Crypto Lending within your app in under 5 minutes

This enables any borrower with an Internet-connected smartphone to tap into a line of credit from anywhere in the world — without having to rely on a centralized, heavily regulated middleman to broker the transaction.

The technology that enables this is the Ethereum public blockchain, a decentralized infrastructure powerhouse around which an increasingly robust community of developers, security researchers, and entrepreneurs is coalescing & WAVES Platform ,

Project Model #TCH

A RTL (Ready to lend) is an industry-reviewed instrument in which investors extend a crypto loan that can be repaid with agreed-upon Thorecash tokens in lieu of cash at whatever the price to be set for the public token sale. Because the debt bears interest payable in tokens, full repayment of the RTL would yield more tokens for the investor otherwise receive by participating in the public token sale directly with the same money.

Additionally, to provide more incentive to use TCH token as the medium of exchange and to uphold the extensive utility of the token, TCH enables Dynamic Price lending when TCH is used as the medium of exchange.

Unlike other sites, which only accept Bitcoin, Thorecash will accept Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin cash, Ripple, Bitcoin, NEO, DigiByte,XVG,TRX & Litecoin. There is also the possibility that the TCH will add 15+ crypto coins in future.

Debt tokens issued via Thore Protocol are ERC20 & Waves compliant by design, giving investors a tradeable, programmable token on the day of their investment. Tokenization enables TCH to be natively integrated with any number of applications. For example, DPAs can be stored in any digital wallets or traded on secondary exchanges designed to interface with debt instruments. Moreover, tokenization enables creation of smart contract-based credit derivatives such as Asset Backed Securities (ABSs) and Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs)-Future Project with SGX based leading Fintech firm, further increasing the utility of these assets and bringing new financial constructions to the token ecosystem.

Additionally, Tokenized RTL have contractual repayment guarantees that are enforced by smart contracts


#TCH RTL (Ready to Lend) Coming Live NOV 2018

Introduction of Pre-accepted 30+ tokens.

Lending has been currently limited to the top 30 liquid tokens from the Coinmarketcap

We are Planning to Support 55+ New 4th GEN ERC20-Waves Tokens Now, Founder/Hodlers from all New tokens will have the possibility to unlock instant liquidity of their crypto through our THORE Exchange Platform Using TCH RTL System

List With #THE #ThoreExchange

#TCH believes that the Extended amount of accepted tokens will derive more lending volume on the #TCH Ready to Lend Model

#TCH RTL Powered by a Real Time In House exchange

#TCH provides an open, transparent In House Thore exchange for the Real time trading of cryptocurrency Assets. Using our AI Powered state-of-the-art infrastructure and Tech, we provide unparalleled access+ Price Discovery & Price Protection

Historic asset-based lending opportunity exists. Nevertheless, only a handful of companies currently accept crypto as collateral & TCH is only paying Premium for TOP 20 Cryptos (upto 65%+)The crypto ecosystem is expanding exponentially. Innovative solutions are enabling crypto’s mainstream adoption as a viable system for online and “real-world” payments.

Ready-to-deploy lending apps combined with a best-in-class, secure back end designed to create market certainty, Thorecash is rapidly catapulting crypto lending into the mainstream!

Phase 1 Token sale live (85% Over)

Phase 2 Token sale Live from 20 April #TCH

PreRegister Here

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