#ThoreExchange #THE BTT Reward

Thore Network

For a limited time(2nd march- 31 March), any participant will be able to win up to 5000 #BTT total of 12000000 #BTT being allocated

1–2–3 One of the simplest ways that requires little to no work & earn 5000* #BTT

1 Visit https://thoreexchange.com/ & Register

2 https://t.me/Thoreexchange ThoreExchange Official Telegram channel Join

3 Tweet 👇Picture with

HashTag #ThoreExchange — #iRegistered & Tagg 2 Person

Snapshot Submission 5 April 2019–10 April 2019

#ThoreExchange Admin Approval 15 April-20 April 2019

Exchange Live from 25 April

#BTT token distribution will be done after Exchange Live

Directly in Your #ThoreExchange #BTT Wallet ONLY

12000000 #BTT #GIFT of which there will be 2400* winners

1st BTT Distribution : 2500 BTT — May

2nd BTT Distribution : 1250 BTT — June

3rd BTT Distribution : 1250 BTT — July

#BTT #GIFT is approved by #Thoreexchange based on #ThoreNetwork interpretative decision

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