Importance of Public Transit

Tram in Prague

In many cities, investment plans often forget about public transit, choosing to instead invest in improving the highway system. However, public transit cannot be ignored. Here are some reasons why:

1. Costs and efficiency

It is a lot less costly to transport 80 people in one bus than 80 people in 80 cars.

2. Reduced road congestion

It’s a funny thing, but investing in public transit instead of a better highway system will make traffic jams less common due to a great number of people that will instead choose to use public transit.

3. Lesser gas use and reduction of air pollution.

Many vehicles that are commonly used for public transit such as trams, trains, and trolleys run completely on electricity.

Even the ones that run on gas have much better fuel efficiency than cars. That’s because, even though buses use about four times as much fuel as cars, their maximum capacity is 16 times higher. This means that buses are four times more fuel-efficient than cars.

4. Freedom of mobility for everyone

Not everybody is able to drive a car be it due to them being underage, blind, or just not being able to afford a car. It is not fair for them to have to rely on others to give them a ride.

5. Public transit is safer

Public transit passengers are 10 times less likely to be in a traffic accident than car occupants.

6. You can be productive during your commute

One advantage of public transit over cars is that you do not have to be driving. During your commute you can, for example, read a book or call your mom.



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