I’ve waited 3 years for this moment.
猫猫 Froskurinn

Whenever I see you on screen nowadays, rocking another one of your fantastic outfits, I cannot but sit in amazement of what you achieved and how true to yourself you seem to have stayed. I never disliked your casting like some on reddit seemed to have, but now I really love listening to you. You’re in love with a game and you never hide that and that’s what I love about you. I am a woman and even though I don’t want to see and acknowledge that we women are seen differently in the gamer / eSports world, I have to admit and, so seeing how you fit right in, how you do the job without it being a matter what gender you are, is really inspiring. We shouldn’t do a job despite our gender or because of our gender, but because we want to and we have the skill. You show exactly that and I seriously respect you for it. ❤

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