Starting This Journey

I am starting this journey alone, sitting in my favorite chair, and in the quiet of an empty house.

This post will be duly published on a platform designed for such purposes. Given the recent news about job cuts at Medium, I think that I will do so there. Anything to support a good cause.

I have an idea which I am going to attempt to put into action. This is not a spur of the moment kind of thing, and not an idea which suddenly dropped from above like an acorn or apple. By at least one filter, the last several years could be seen to have led to this by providing valuable inward-directed lessons on life, business, and my own strengths and weaknesses; as well as outward-directed lessons in how to collect, curate, package, and distribute information in a 21st century world.

My intention is to record each step of this journey here. I will not keep it secret. From the outset, it will be available for anyone with a combination of a desire to follow what takes place and the knowledge on where to look.

“Still, the action of trust is itself a sure bet
 and carries the seed of success in its beak;
 for like junior prom dates and trips out of turn,
 the road from the place is the pathway to learn.”

Thomas Palmer
 January 16, 2017