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But according to Bill Simmons, Harden makes his teammates better than anyone else does. With Harden taking so few shots, his teammates had more room to step up, right? Can you imagine if Westbrook had done this? Simmons would’ve torn into him, saying how a true mvp would never quit on his team like that. A true mvp would never check out mentally before the game even started.

But since it’s Harden, clearly he has a concussion. Never mind the fact that Harden has laid an egg when it mattered most several times, going back as far as his days at asu. His teammates’ performance throughout the regular season were part of his mvp resume. He made them SO MUCH BETTER. Now they’re not good enough, & he needs more help. Funny how that happens.

I actually agree that clearly the team around him isn’t good enough, & that he was a legitimate mvp candidate, but this is classic Harden. Don’t be surprised if this happens again. If the rockets go into next season with a similar roster & (God forbid) actually have some injuries, this team won’t get to 55 wins again.

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