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Dude, we get it, you don’t like comic book movies. I love how you’re ripping on the movie for having multi dimensional characters, who evolve & grow over time. Man, depth in characters is the worst! Not all villainous characters need to be redeemed, but to have another layer besides “bah, I’ll destroy you / the world” can only be a good thing. It blows my mind that you’re finding that as a flaw, it was one of my favorite aspects of volume 2.

Complexity is what keeps these movies from being too cliche or repetitive. We don’t need everyone being Ronan. Especially when he was just an okay villain anyway. Also, insulting the family theme? Really? What was that franchise this site wouldn’t stfu about for like 2 weeks again? Oh that’s right, the Fast & the Furious franchise, where every 3rd word is family. If you’re going to not even try to be fair, maybe you should watch other movies. Something where the villains don’t have any complexity or motive to them at all. Maybe that would be better for your needs. Get off your high horse, man. Damn

Btw, I saw the movie yesterday. It was not perfect, but adding more story to some of the more mysterious characters was not one of its problems. It leaned a little too heavily on the comedy (tho most of it works imo), it’s probably not as well paced as volume 1, & some of the characters don’t leave much of an impression (the sovereign). But Kurt Russell was a fantastic addition, the family theme works on many levels, baby groot is reason enough to see the movie, the visuals are incredible, & the movie is surprisingly touching. What an “undeniable” mess, indeed.