So wait, who exactly in the vaunted West do you think would make difference?
Matt McNeil

Honestly this year there doesn’t appear to be anyone in the West either (besides the Warriors). I more just mean that over the last few years, it has seemed inevitable that the Cavs will go straight to the finals with little resistance. This year the West isn’t great (tho I’d argue still better than the east) but the eastern conference has been a joke most of this decade.

I know part of it is that LeBron makes other teams look weaker than they are, & I’m not trying to take anything away from him, going to the finals this many years in a row is undoubtedly a hell of an achievement. I just wish it felt like there was any team that had a legitimate shot at the title in the eastern conference. Since the Pierce-Garnett-Allen-Rondo Celtics broke apart, has there been even a single eastern conference team other than the Heat/Cavs that seemed like it could win a championship?

Since 2012/2013, the West has had the Spurs, the Thunder, the Warriors (obviously), even the Grizzlies & the Rockets have looked closer than anyone in the east. Hell some people thought the Clippers might even have a chance! Granted each of the last 3 seasons, there have seemed to be less & less teams with a shot at the title, but it has been more competitive than the East.

Honestly, I hope for more competition on both sides next year. I appreciate good basketball but a year long countdown to the inevitable rematch really isn’t that interesting. Especially if it goes beyond three seasons. I hope we can get a couple more teams next year that really compete for a championship.

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