Doc may be a decent a coach but player personnel is not his thing.
Michael S

I agree completely. The whiney excuse-making mentality of doc combined with cheapshot cp3 has turned the perennially plucky underdogs into the biggest group of douchebags & crybabies in the NBA. I never really cared about the clippers but they have almost become the team I root against the most in the league.

What really gets me is the fact that Paul pulls bs every single possession, & not only do the announcers not criticize him for it, they actually praise him for his high basketball IQ & ingenuity. He just plays like a total punk, always playing an angle, looking for a way to work the refs, or get away with something. & on the rare occasions that he doesn’t get the benefit of the call, he has an absolute meltdown.

Chris Paul is that kid everyone played with when they were younger. You know the one. Bosses everyone around, calls out his own fouls, & if his team loses, he throws a world class tantrum. Nobody wants to play with that kid, even if he’s supremely talented. Paul went from being a must watch player to one of the cheapest players in the league. He’s like John Stockton, only with less subtlety.

I think basically everyone on that roster needs a change of scenery. Being part of this team isn’t doing anyone’s legacy any favors. Doc’s credibility as a top shelf coach is shrinking every day, cp3 is becoming one of the least liked players in the league (not to mention his growing rep as not being able to win anything that matters), Griffin is fading into irrelevance, & Deandre is… well he’s just reinforcing what we already knew about him. This team needs a rebuild in the worst way.

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