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I really don’t know what Chicago was expecting from him. He was the same quarterback almost every season. A guy who would lose you as many games as he would win for you.

I remember one year, there was an announcer on TV who was trying to prove that cutler wasn’t inconsistent. He said (talking about the last 5 games of the season before the playoffs had started): “if you ignore 2 of those 5 games, cutler has been a great quarterback for this team!” no joke, that actually happened. If that doesn’t define his legacy, idk what will.

Ultimately, he wasn’t a terrible quarterback, just not a great one either. Well, he was both of those things, over the course of a season. It tended to balance out. Are there teams who would’ve rather had him instead of what they had? Yeah I think so. But there are plenty who I’m sure are glad they stayed away from him. I think your assessment is pretty accurate.