This is the part where we remind those bragging “process” Sixers fans that the process has already…
Phil Ticknor

I really don’t understand why this website keeps acting like hinkie was right all along & that “the process” worked. All we know at this moment, is that tanking several years in a row yielded them very talented but also very injury prone players. Like no shit, you play like crap all this time, of course you’re going to get high draft picks. This team may end up being great, but for now, we can’t pretend like they’re already a success.

It’s so weird that the writers here keep acting like this team has made “the leap” or even like they have made the playoffs (obviously they haven’t). A lot of teams have achieved a lot more by giving up a lot less. If this team never makes it past the second or third round, I’m pretty sure most people will look back on this as a failure. Yeah “the process” has created a potentially very interesting team, but only time will tell if it was truly worth it.

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