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Idk how the xenomorphs & the predators don’t make the top 5. The xenomorphs have the most iconic birth of any movie alien (the chestburster), they have a smaller mouth inside their outer mouth that can spring out & piece through anything, & THEY FUCKING BLEED ACID. Not to even mention their long, incredibly sharp tail that they have full control over.

& the predators are possibly even more awesome & deadly than they are (especially if you consider the AVP movies). They’re 8 feet tall, insanely strong, fast, can turn invisible, master the use of deadly technology, & they have a moral code (don’t kill anything unarmed). Plus they also have 2 mouths as well as a great nickname given to them by Arnie himself (ugly motherfucker). Also, their guttural croaking? Pretty awesome.

Not only do these 2 own individually, but they also have a rivalry. A cross-franchise rivalry? Sign me up! All that & they have 2 of the most iconic, badass looks ever created not only in sci-fi/action/horror, but in any film, ever. Predator & xenomorphs forever!

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