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I’m going to keep saying this as long as this website keeps saying it (which seems like it will be forever), LeBron James is NOT one of the best 3 players ever. He’s certainly not the best of all time. For fuck’s sake, stop downplaying legendary basketball players so you can attempt to put him in historical terms. This website seems like it’s written by a group of 12 year olds who don’t know any version of the nba from before 2004, except what exists on YouTube.

That incredibly annoying point aside, I disagree with basically everything else in the article as well. Harden’s style of play (you know what I mean) is horrible for basketball. Idk why he gets a pass on it when nobody else does. Anything that rewards deliberately bating players (& refs) into fouls with no actual intention of shooting, is not something I have any interest in seeing.

As someone else pointed out, your perspective on the last 2 finals is pretty blatantly biased. You mention how the main reason the warriors won 2 years ago was the injuries to the cavs but you make no comment on the warriors’ injuries or suspensions last year. I’m not even a warriors fan but it seems odd to completely ignore things that happened. I guess that’s this site’s M.O. tho, just say whatever the hell you want, use whatever stats or examples that support your narrative, & completely ignore everything that doesn’t. Must be nice to live in that world.

Also, it’s weird to make huge sweeping statements about something that you say yourself that you don’t watch very often. I only watch hockey occasionally, but you don’t hear me saying things like “Sidney Crosby is the greatest hockey player of all time! & the Kings won their last championship entirely because the refs gave them all the power plays!”. Maybe you should stay in your lane.