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My great uncle once wrote a book called “what this country needs” & he was referring to a third political party, which I completely agree with. I’m a lifelong Democrat but both sides leave a lot to be desired. Clinton & Trump were the 2 most hated candidates I can remember in my lifetime.

Even tho I personally felt she was the obvious choice between the 2 of them, I get that people didn’t like or trust her. I didn’t really either to be honest. I was pulling for Bernie Sanders, but he never really had a shot. I don’t think he would have been perfect, but he seemed genuine & honest. Which you can’t say for most other politicians.

I hope that if the Republican party can’t return to how they were in the past, a new party can rise up & give legitimate competition. This 2 party race system clearly isn’t working. A third actual option would work wonders I think, including making the 2 main parties actually work harder.

This is a bad time for each party, but I hope somehow we all come out better because of it. Like everyone learns their lesson & moves forward more determined to do right. I know that’s wishful thinking lol