I don’t have a fairness issue, but I think it’s strange that the game ends up being decided by a…

Well I get that perspective, although I personally like shootouts in hockey & soccer so obviously we just feel differently on that kind of finish lol. I could see it being seen as gimmicky, to me it’s an entertaining, quick, (mostly) fair way to deciding a winner. Do you have an idea for how they should do overtime? Or would you prefer games ending in a tie? I haven’t heard any idea yet that’s perfect, & I’m not necessarily opposed to ties.

I just can’t stand the NFL’s overtime, & I think the NFL is the only league that immediately gets worse once it goes out of regulation. I just think back to the Super Bowl this year, & how a better form of overtime might have given it a better finish. One with possibly a different outcome (tho given the momentum the Patriots had, probably not). It’s a shame that the first overtime Super Bowl finish ever was such an anticlimactic dud.

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