People comment like that on here because they are fans of Bill Simmons and tired of listening to…
Alexander McGilvray

Yeah cus conservatives never whine. Definitely not the actual president right now. You have any idea how fucking sick I was of listening to Republicans whine about Obama for 8 years? Especially about things that could not possibly be his fault? But I didn't click on every conservative article then bitch that it didn't fit my political viewpoint.

Your analogy makes zero sense, because every person who clicks on these articles is making the choice to read it. If you don't want political commentary to show up in other articles that aren't about politics (which does happen on here sometimes), then I totally understand, but that's not the case here. People see an obviously left leaning article on this website, click on it, then bitch & moan that they're tired of reading it on here.

A more accurate metaphor would be if you went to an outback steakhouse for a steak, then ordered chicken, then complained that the chicken isn't as good as the steak. Nobody is forcing you to order the chicken, so don't. I definitely don't agree with everything this website says & does, but their decision to cover a wide range of topics has always been something they've tried to do, including politics.

Bill is obviously left leaning, so I would advise people who don't want to hear his political commentary to steer clear of the political articles. If that commentary pops up in other sports or pop culture related articles, then I'd say you're totally justified in being annoyed. I happen to agree with some of their political views, but I can see how if I didn't, seeing it show up in an unrelated article would be irritating.

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