Gaming the system or not, Booker scored pretty darn efficiently.
Terrence Drinkwater

You’re definitely not wrong, 70 points is ridiculous no matter the outcome of the game or if they were “stat chasing”.

However, I must object a little regarding kobe’s 81 point game. Yes they won by 18, but they were actually down by as much as 18 in the third quarter. Kobe putting the team on his back in the second half is the reason why the Lakers ended up on top. Maybe he didn’t need to go all the way to 81, but if he had taken his foot off the gas in the fourth quarter, the raptors could have come back & won. His aggressive scoring was effective because he was making his shots but also because his play was forcing the raptors’ players into foul trouble to try to contain him.

Again tho, I agree, 70 points shouldn’t come with an asterisk just because he was clearly going for it. Wilt himself talked about his 100 point game, calling it a “farce” at one point. It changes nothing about it, he still did something nobody has been able to do since. The fact that this 70 point game came in a loss that they were never particularly close in I think is what makes it lose a bit of its luster to a lot of people. It’s like “okay, impressive scoring night. So what?” you know what I mean? Unlike Wilt & Kobe’s big games, this doesn’t feel like a master class in total dominance over the other team. No matter how impressive it actually is. My reaction was like “Wtf?”. Talk about out of nowhere. Zero precedent for such a crazy scoring night for someone who had never come close to that number before.

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