Abstraction in real life problems

1) How to find the number of words in a page ?


Space acts as delimiter in the count of the number of words.

2) How to design a helicopter ?


Engine propels itself to move forward.

The pressure applied on the top part of the wing is lesser than the pressure applied for the lower part of the wing.

3) How to manage the time effectively ?


Habits — Changing, stopping or starting new habits.

4) What is the reason Bicycle exists ?

Travel from one place to another.


5) Multiplying numbers between 0 and 1.


a) Any of the Number is zero.

b) Any of the number is 1.

c) Both the numbers are between zero and 1.


1) When one of the number is zero. Its always zero.

2) When one of the number is 1. Its always the other number.

3) When both the numbers are multiplied,

1) Multiply both the whole numbers

2) Find the total number of decimal places for both the number

3) Move the number from right to left by the mentioned amount of decimal places.


6) How to identify the leaky pipe in the house ?


a) How to check whether the pipe is leaky ?

b) How to identify the number of pipes ?

c) How to disconnect the supply to set of pipes and allow water to flow through a single pipe ?


Search can be done by taking case by case analysis or like brute force algorithm.

Use search algorithm to identify the middle pipe. If the pipe before leaks, water flow gets throttled.

If pipe doesnt leak, Move to the next part of the pipes and look for ways in which the leakage of pipes can be found.

7) How does magicians hold the attention of the people for a longer period of time. ?


a) Why should magicians hold attention ?

b) What should magicians do to hold attention ?

c) How does people hold an attention to things happening around them ?

d) What makes people sustain the attention they have for things happening around “?


Anything and everything dynamic, which is varying, eye catchy and interesting makes people hold on to the attention of the same.

8) How can we create a driverless car ?


Sense of direction, knowing the real time traffic and the ability to make the calculated decisions using the available data.

9) How to make a software application of tracker ?


1) What are the key datas in tracker ?

a) All student related data like marks, personal details.

2) What are the operations to be done in tracker?

a) Calculate the score student has got.

b) Evaluate whether he has passed the test or not.

c) Store the results of the operations.

3) How do we store the data ?

4) How do we evaluate and make a decision ?

5) How do we calculate the scores ? What is the formula that needs to be followed for finding the people scoring greater marks ?


Calculate. Evaluate. Insert. Delete. Search. Replace.

Is changing the operations done in excel sheet to software a feasible option ?

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