I was deeply introspecting after returning from the classroom today.I was not following the crowd and everything that happened to me after taking important career decision in life was so heartwarming and eternal and I have gotten my own sense of happiness and entitlement. Today I shouted at the kids and I did not go into their communites or families yet they showed me what unconditional love is. I saw the classroom being cleaned by them just because I said so and kids were clapping when I entered into the class. I saw them being the best when it called for.

Despite all the emotions that were turmoiling inside me I just wanted to present my best face to the children and not show my emotions to them. I took this job for the passion that I showed towards teaching the underprivileged children not because of the money it offered nor the comforts. I followed my own path and not the one with the beaten track. I definitely know that these children will end up being morally strong even if they are not the best creators or studious nerds. I have tried to pass on all the passion I had in the job to them and I have allowed themselves to be themselves whenever the opportunity have arisen.

I am thinking of the last day which is going to come quite soon and I am yearning to walkaway from the classroom doing something exemplary. I dont want to be a nincompoop but I want to be the deeply passionate guy who made things happen and who went out of his way to do things that really matters.

I I have scolded them and made them feel bad but I will never forget the fact that I was there for them when they needed me and have shown empathy to them when they expected it from me. I have given them the freedom to be themselves.

I always believe that they will learn the best when their mind is engaged and when they are working on things that excite them the most and challenge them the most. I want them to be great persons in their life. I want them to achieve mental peace, happiness and internal satisfaction in each and every thing that they want to do in their lives. I have lived a different life and taking Teach For India was one of the deeply difficult decisions that I have ever taken and it indeed has heart warmed me and made me feel passionate in the longer run. These kids have given me great things in life and also have made me think about how I can be the best person possible in longer run. They have taught me to be tough as a person and made me passionate about whatever I want to do in life.

They have redefined excellence for me and that primarily is one of the greatest things that can happen in my life. I also realize that at this age when we throw ideas and ambitions then it becomes such an inspiring piece of information that can shake the way they work and make them passionate people in their life. I can think that not everything in life can be articulated in words and this experience as such is one and as a teacher I need to understand that if I push the lives of these kids somehow they will turn out to be great people in their lives.

I definitely feel memorable teaching these children in my life and I believe that it is a god given destiny to teach them the life skills they ought to have. They have taught me how to be in the moment and enjoy the smaller things in life. I have never gotten myself so self obsessed when I reflect back on the day and analyze my day to day actions. When I am the teacher I am excitingly happy and it will continue as such. I know that these guys will inspire me in the future life and also forgive me for the mistakes I have committed as at teacher and make me proud of the lives they are going to lead as such.

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