Theater For Kids

Hello everyone, I am a teacher with Teach For India and have been teaching these wonderful children for the past 2 years. I have never seen following things happen during the course of my 2 years,


1) Most talkative kid who was calm and remained cool for the longest I have ever seen him in the last 2 years just for this opportunity.

Naveen S:

1) Parents considered this kid as Good for nothing but I can see the parents beaming proudly after his performance now just because of this opportunity.


1) Arm broken bust still persistent enough to lift people and fall down just for this opportunity.


Most laughed upon kid for his actions but impressed audience through his actions just because of this opportunity.


1) Most shiest kid in the class but performed before 50 plus people just because of this opportunity.


1) Most aspiring actor who could bring out his best just because of this opportunity.

Kishore M:

Most laziest kid but fell down and got up 100’s of times for the practice just because of this opportunity.


Most impatient kid whose patience can be measured in seconds but remained calm throughout the week just for this opportunity.

This theatre has let me understand the different dynamics each and every child had in store which I was not aware. I am forever indebted to Crea Sakthi and Maharaja for bringing out the unique dimensions of each and every kid which I have never seen in the 2 years I. The proud parents, students, myself and fellow teachers bharathwaj and Maharaja will be gratitudinal to Crea Sakthi and the stage for a long time to come. Thanks a lot everyone.

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