30 Day Thought Leader

A journey to Thought Leadership…

Is it possible to become a “thought leader” in 30 days?

Thought Leader
[thawt] [lee-der]:
individual or organisation that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded.

Thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders, the go-getters, the game changers. They’re the trusted source who move and inspire with innovative ideas; turn ideas into reality, exciting others into replicating their success. But what does it actually take to become a “thought leader”?

A Rudimentary Definition

Technically all you really need to become a thought leader is an “idea” (thought) and some form of followship that will champion that idea and those that proceed it. Therefore, it is plausible that anybody can become a thought leader with the deployment of a conducive strategy and application of dedicated effort.

To become a thought leader you simply need to fulfill a knowledge gap in a your intended followship’s mind. Consistently feed your followers with “relevant” things that they don’t know (unknowns) and they will continue to follow and champion you. Defining what is “relevant” to your followship and what things they they desire to fill that knowledge gap is the trick to becoming a successful thought leader with a large following. The relevant knowledge you want to share should be closely aligned with a subject you already know and are passionate about (passion keeps you motivated). For example your niche could be related to yoga or paleo diets.