Written introductions have never been my strong suit so I will provide some numbers to kick us off. In 2017…

The earth traveled 585.6 million miles, which is the distance one would travel if they walked around the globe 23,517 times.

The iPhone X was searched the 3rd most out of one trillion+ google searches (source).

Netflix users watched over 140 million hours of content per day, amounting to one billion hours of content per week. Fun fact: January 1st was the biggest streaming day of the year (source).

50,766 runners finished the NYC Marathon, which is a 98.9% …

Rutgers University. Four years. Eight semesters. Lots of emotions. Countless naps in between.

Over my last spring break in gorgeous Maryville, Tennessee, I had the pleasure of reading Randy Pausch’s 206-page lecture-turned-novel called “The Last Lecture.” In response to his discovery and unfortunate losing battle against pancreatic cancer, the Carnegie Mellon University Professor decided to anecdote his personal keys of success on how he achieved his childhood dreams for those closest to his heart — as well as — frankly anyone who cared to listen. Inspired by his thought and level of reflection, I decided to give myself the same…

Bryan Fontanetta

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