When apps fail

In the past month, a couple of problems have hit 2 different apps that I rely on to store some information.

The first time it happened, I simply shrugged it off and said to myself “Well, that’s just tough luck isn’t it?

The second time it happened (different app), I had to take a step back and think “What is wrong here? Is it the app, is it Apple or do I have a problem? Am I just too reliant on certain apps?

I had a chance to reflect more on the topic and I have come to the conclusion that I have a problem. People that sell apps, market the need to us, that’s their job. And along the same vein, it is my job to ask the question “Do I need this? What am I doing now to fix the problem? Is there even a problem? Or is it simply a want?I have clearly failed myself.

There are workarounds everywhere. In my situation, I could have used Google docs to save the information. That is how I used to solve the problem — until some flashy landing page convinced me that their solution was better.

Before Google docs, I used to save the information on a spreadsheet and email it to myself.

And before that I used to solve the problem with a notebook.

Clearly I need to fix the risk of losing information when I rely on apps to solve my problem.

But what happens when Google fails? Hmm..

Note: The most incredible thing just happened after I published this post: I checked my app store and lo and behold, there’s an update to the app. And hurrah, they fixed the problem! Will this change my opinion here? Well, the risk is still there.

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