Bath County Via The Galaxy Note8

View from the Owners Club at The Omni Homestead.

Bath County, Virginia is beautiful. This isn’t up for debate! It’s the perfect combination of nature, history and elegance. You can hike a few miles in any direction and leave all signs of modernity, or you can dine in some of the finest restaurants on the east coast. There isn’t a bad time of year to visit this mountain escape. Every season offers something different.

Gristmill Square

When Samsung released the Galaxy Note8 in September, I wanted to see if the camera was capable of capturing the essence of Bath County, so I spent a few days visiting some of my favorite locations and took hundreds of pictures. I went on and off the beaten path.

A look through the Warm Springs valley.

True shutterbugs will cringe at the notion of an amateur comparing photos taken with a smartphone to the art they create, but the camera on the Note8 is amazing. The Note8 is Samsung’s first dual lens shooter. The camera simultaneously takes a wide-angle and zoomed in shot. These photos can be combined to create the kind of blurred closeup pictures professionals take with expensive DSLR cameras. Below are few examples of the “professional” quality shots this phone is capable of producing.

Garth Newel’s Gourd
Live Focus
Side by side comparison taken at the Waterwheel Restaurant

The smartphone market is competitive. Every few weeks a new flagship device is launched. Every upgraded device has faster microprocessors, smoother graphic user interface and higher quality displays on their bigger screens. There are a ton of factors that go into choosing the right device, but if having an awesome camera matters there is no better phone on the market than the Note8.

Statue outside of the Omni Homestead Spa

Bath County should be on everyone’s bucket list of places to visit. There’s a ton of nature, history and amazing food to digest while you are here. I could go on and on, but I will let the other photos speak for the county and the Note8.

Along Route 220 North
Old Dairy Barn
Main Dining Room Omni Homestead