A New Weapon in Fraud Prevention for Cross-Border E-Commerce

The Cross-Border Fraud-Fest

Companies that conduct business across national borders experience up to 2.5 times higher fraud rates than those who strictly sell domestically. In the U.S. alone, cross-border eCommerce fraud easily tops $32 billion per year.

Cracking the Code

The result of more than nine years of development, ThreatMetrix ID solves the complex challenges that digital organizations face when doing business across national borders.

A Whole New World of Opportunity?

With ThreatMetrix ID, companies can dramatically reduce the frequency and cost of cross-border eCommerce fraud, as well as the friction associated with step-ups and false positives. By improving the percentage of trusted transactions, they can also reduce manual reviews and associated operational expenses.



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ThreatMetrix®, A LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Company, provides an end-to-end platform for digital identity intelligence and trust decisioning.