Obama went to Hawaii many many times.
Gregory Craig

@Gregory Craig: The Obama’s vacations cost us approximately $85 million. Michelle paid for her European vacation and other trips. It is costing us $500,000 per day to protect trump tower, in four years it will have cost us $730,500,000. The tower and the subway line running under the tower have to be protected 24/7 even when no trump is in residence. If Melania and Barron move to the White House by the end of June, it will have cost us over $242,000,000 to protect them. trump has 18 family members who have Secret Service protection. His estate in Florida has to be protected 24/7 even when he isn’t there because they had to install millions of dollars worth of the apparatus for Global Communications. The same apparatus is installed at the tower. There are approximately 920 Secret Service agents assigned to the trump family. Can you do the math? trump’s presidency will be the most expensive in our nation’s history.

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