“Almost all FEAR we experience today and its resultant cowardly thinking and behavior, is just imagined social drama created by unchecked mental impulses and conditioning. We are afraid of being rejected, isolated, or abandoned- not of being eaten alive” — Brendon Burchard

We can come to these points in our lives where we don’t have any direction. People say your lost, but really there is something deeper. A journey to rid our lives of garbage, brings us to a time when we allow ourselves to not be busy. Busyness used to eat your time like a badger on a raw branch. But now you have come to a point where space is what you have created for yourself. Space in your mind, space in your physical reality, space from people that bring you down, space from the illusion that we are told we have to live, to survive.

Busyness comes in a few forms. One is in your mind. Those unchecked thoughts can lead you into a pit of gloom, of grudge. Self judgement, fear, anxiety live down here. If we desire to check our thoughts before they rein our lives, we must make SPACE. Space can be anything for you. For the people around me, I have noticed it can be something oh so simple. From playing cards, to creating a child’s toy, anything is possible to slow down and create space for you imagination to thrive.

Anytime that we usually think we are making space, in front of the tv, or on the computer googling, we must be aware of what really our intention is.

It is important to allow your imgination, your creative side to thrive. To set the conditions for this, we must simplify our lives. I touched on this in the previous article. I see this as the most important thing to do to advance in your journey. Away from the stressful busyness. Because life doesn’t have to run 500 miles an hour to end up at death. Take a breathe anywhere and do what all those self help books are telling you and……….BREATHE.

These are the tools to enable you to take it to the next level. Lay a real foundation, invest in the foundation that is going to build your empire or castle. (-:

Namaste Motherfuckers

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