{Fuck Selfless, start with Selfish}

Days are drifting past. A balance between the wants & needs of others and my own, drifts in, filling up my note book. What to do first. What to do last. What energizes me and what de energizes me. My day starts like this. We awake, we let go of any morning blues & thoughts. We do what we need to. We need to create morning rituals that are going to brighten your day. It could be music, it could be the pictures of ones you feel so grateful for. Something to allow you to sit in your “being” mode, {not in the past or the present}. The mode where nothing else matters apart from what we have. We all to often continue to seek more, when really we have it all. We just cannot see it yet, even connect the dots. Though bringing awareness to this, will build that muscle.

Rituals & habits, have to be the best thing around. We respond to habits in a negative way. Though they don’t have to be. A ritual, habit, or daily practice can advance you anyway you show up in your world, wether it be your character or your projects. We forget this shit, we forget that consistency of doing things that we know are powerful for us, will accelerate us. If we do not start our day with ourselves, knowing who we are, looking at ourselves in the mirror, then, stepping into that world without knowing and loving yourself, we will fall into the trap of societies needs & wants.

Allowing yourself some time for yourself. For me, it is in the morning, for some it’s late at night. We fail to ground ourselves or build a foundation of confidence clarity and strength.

~ Pay yourself first, 10% atleast.

~ Think about yourself first

~ Feed yourself first

~ Put the mask on yourself first (if your plummeting towards the ground on a plane)

~ Be selfish before you become selfless

~ Write your own story, before reading others

~ Live your own movie before watching others

~ Work for yourself, before others

~ Get your systems down pat before getting consumed by others

~ Compliment yourself before others

~ Love yourself before others

We use commitments as excuses, though these can be managed. Without yourself to manage them, how the fuck can you efficiently help others. If that little thought that says “your a bad person” comes in, shove it in the “fuck that” pile, and get on with honoring yourself. A mantra I use is, “I haven’t killed anyone yet”, intensity usually sticks. Fuck the woo woo mantras, let’s get on with living.

Give the middle finger to anyone that tells you anything else. Don’t fuck with this shit, because you will, be left in the dust of society. Left in that 99% that follows instead of leads. Cherish life, love and bathe in your freedom.