Fuck the dishes

The dishes, the cloths folding, the toilet cleaning. Is this all necessary? We have come into the 21st century long ago, full steam ahead, technology is raging towards simplicity and automation. So how do we find ourself still being consumed by daily tasks. Tasks that can be outsourced to the little girl after school, who needs the extra cash.

It amazes me how difficult we are making our lifes. From the myriad of insurances. House to pet, travel to work. Fuck me where does it end. What are we fucking scared of. Do we really need to control every possible outcome of life. I personally have had it all, been there done that. We are told we have to build assets, assests external of us. This my friend can lead to some hurtful situations.

A life now woken up, by my own choices, has curved me to simplicity. Down to a carry on bag of goods, of belongings, though a ton of inner assests not yet seen by the avearage man.

Don’t get me wrong, this ain’t no competition. This is a perspective shift. I come to you today telling you it can be simplified. We can simlify our commitments of “life” to better create space in our heads and physical lifes to grow that person you are becoming.

Life is not meant to be full of busyness, life is simple, full of beauty, yep beauty. Once we do start to fill it with stuff, we kill the vibe of what we are truly are capable of.

Look at Steve jobs for instance, his home was a simplistic haven of nothing! Just the necessities.

“This was a very typical time. I was single. All you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo, you know, and that’s what I had.” — Steve Jobs

So I get alot of the time, “oh Dean, but I have commitments”. Yes you have chosen these commitments, then you can coose to remove them or automate them. I have friends with babies. This is cool, your not going to run from the baby. Though you can simplify everything, that does not serve you. Start with the material stuff. Yea that garage full of shit that you have never touched, or that closet that is overflowing with collected parafinalia from your latest holiday. Systems can be put in place for many things in life. from the dishes, to the bills. Explore it. If you feel that desire.

Just scrap it. Move into a life of simplicity. The days of keeping up to the Jones’s have gone. There will always be someone out there with more. What’s important is to find the few things that are really important to you and nourish them. Build assests that are internal, do the internal work. Face those shitty fears you have around losing something.

At the end of the day your external world reflects you internal world. We are filling our internal emotional gapping holes with external “things”, this is like trying to put bricks into your bloodstream. Just read any self help info out there. But don’t listen to me, if life feels like a grind, then change something, shift it up, get the energy flowing back into your life.

“Why tip toe through life to arrive safely at death”

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