{Manufacturing Motivation}

Thrive Hive 2015 Bali Ubud

Motivation: what’s that all about? Should we have to be motivated to do things in life?!! Isn’t there supposed to be some sort of purpose come through in your life. A natural force that just buzzes you up, to make stuff happen. Lately I have been playing with the idea of “laziness”. Is it laziness or is it just a cycle. A cycle of so called unproductiveness? A time to reflect, relax, lghten up. Oh no but wait! it has come on a Monday morning, shit now I am going to beat myself up. Monday- The start of this so called week we have made up, to be apart of a system that continues to fail and fail.

So for us to move foward with this concept, how do we know when we are either, procrastinating, down in the dumps or just plain depressed. Shit doesn’t depression also come from not having a purpose? Let’s look at the impoirtance of this in the near future.

I have been on a serious journey over the past 3 years, exploring my potential as a human being on this earth. Who the fuck am I really, and what can I truly do to move this world in a positve direction. To contribute to something larger then myself. Pages and pages of notes, drawings, contemplating, doodling have passed by my eyes. Though there is something that has stuck. My ability to create connections that are long lasting. From one interaction, trust is brewed, love is formed for my brothers and sisters.

So now as I sit here with the world literally open to infinite possibilities, I seem it hard to find this secret action plan to move foward in flow towards these massive visions.

Much love to my imperfect humanly brothers and sisters out there. We don’t have to be always so hard on ourselfs. I’m no crack head yet, or alcoholic, I am stressing over making this world a better place. Shit this has got to be a good thing!