Medium post Disclaimer for past & future posts

  • My intention with my posts is not to attack human beings or others that receive this information.
  • My intention is to channel what comes to me and through me to the other humans out there without any ego attached and with full awareness of myself in this very moment. We are afraid to share who we are right now, and awaiting the day when we feel all so confident, awake and so called “perfect”, when we believe people will listen. Though whatever stage that you are at right now, you will attract true fans, true followers, the ones who resonate with your words. I believe without this choice to share ourselves, we find ourselves hindered with our growth, as it does not create a positive or negative feedback loop so you can learn and evolve.
  • My intention is not to create a self help information booklet for you to bathe in, to make you feel good and never integrate.
  • My intention is to create catalysing words to kickstart your spirit again and your joy & awe for life.
  • My intention is to catalyse those who receive what I have to say, in hope that they receive and use it for the greater good.
  • My intention is to bring my clarity and lack of mind toxicity to you, without filters, without bullshit and with soul.
  • My intention is to bring my real & raw buzz for life straight to your eyes, so you receive something profound.
  • My intention is not to ease you into a 20 page piece that influences you to my picture of reality, it is there to catalyse your own reality.
  • My intention is to give clear solid information to accelerate your ideal reality

That is all for now.

Namaste Brothers & Sisters