On the path to fully experiencing life at 28 (in my sober experience) and why I don’t want to sell you on it

I don’t want to whined you in with my life story, personal experiences or words of advice to sell you something just so I can compete with the other 1 million personal development wizards.

Though what I do want to share with you, yes you the other human being there, that eats, breathes, shits the same as I do, is this. I feel beyond empowered and I feel this in my cells to be the most relevant, real and raw accelerated experience that I have ever participated in and wish to share with you.

“We are not supposed to miss this moment. Our brain was not built for this frenzy, forced to focus on everything yet nothing, sped up and buzzed out by syrups and stimulants, crammed with so much random negative information and so many pointless tasks that there is never a single focal point to immerse in or achieve or celebrate” — Brendon Burchard

28 years, I have not once been fully attracted to a spiritual, conscious, awakened, religious stories or advice given, nothing really was real for me, nothing truly landed hard and allowed me to give up everything to follow this new found modality. So after years of judgment to myself and others for not finding “my tribe”, I gave up looking and began to look where I already was. Yep in the Now, in that place where in my experience, all the opportunities, possibilities and magic lies. Traditionally we called it Kismet, Good luck and said “oh wow that was a synchronistic moment”. But I have looked past this neuro chemistry pattern in me and seen past the belief that these moments are only for a short glimpse of time and we are so blessed to have them. Fuck that I say. Life has never meant to be this way. We never where meant to miss this moment. We where meant to live full, rich joys and emotionally filled healthy abundant lives.

We are not supposed to miss this moment. Our bodies were not designed for the atrophy of a sedentary life choked full of laziness and sloth and hours sitting behind desks, robbed of the pleasures of touch and movement and the blessed physical exhaustion from a good days work actually doing something or building something.We are not supposed to moment” — Brendon Burchard

The truth is emerging in my experience. After 28 years as a human being on this planet and after years of choosing experiences, jobs, people in my life based on a disempowered states of awareness, I finally truthfully comprehend why this life has not yet been totally ecstatically joyous, natural and in all a flow of rich moments of time with profound sober bodily sensations, as in my belief how life should be, simple. In my experience “life” always lacked some depth, there was always more to absorb, information to guzzled, countries to travel and positions and projects to create, curate and learn from, but in all this this lead me back to myself and was just a distraction from what lied ahead.

Our soul was not meant to be trapped in the past, weighted by futile attachments to long withstanding stories, caged by old angers and regrets, unable to sense and soar in the white and clean emotional expanse of Now.We are not supposed to miss this moment. Our families do not desire a life of frenzied urgency; they do not want the absence , in mind or body, to be their only memory of us.We are not supposed to miss this life. But we do, all frazzled , stressed, and stripped away from the moment” — Brendon Burchard — The Motivation Manifesto

I always had a thought in my head “that life is not meant to be this fucking complicated” and so I find after 28 years navigating with years of trauma I finally realise the relevant 1%. I know a truth for me, a truth to allow us to over come and change the social norm that life is meant to be chaotic, painful and un natural.

From this damage I have successfully navigated the current experiences to come to learn that what is before me is the most relevant thing I should be doing in the given moment. What I can say for these experiences that I have created is that I have cried on this experiences many times and it is only now that I have actually revealed these experiences. I grasp how grande life really can be now.

Life is easy when we know how to navigate efficiently, as it was for us as pure little beings at birth.

In my current awareness I finally come to realise that the experience I had in the womb, as a baby and also as a small youngling have profoundly effected and shaped the way I navigate and in all the state I acted from. It is not the ego, or my attitude, or my personality that create the un nice memories that I have in me, it was the foundation that I experienced as a child.The sick neuro chemistry that I had been operating from has only been from the environment and intense experiences as a child.

After the past 3–5 years seeking personal growth analogies and gurus and basically anything to distract me from what I was feeling or give me an answer to how un nice I was feeling, I have come to realise that our sole navigation has been tempered with. Forget social conditioning and forget media and all the conspiracies. I have finally realise it was the state of parenting of our father and mother figure that allowed us to be so disempowered and lack basic glimpse of what life could really be like. We have developed patterns based on survival. Patterns that would compensate for the lack of empathy felt for us as children. The lack of time followed by our figure and in all the amount of presentness we had for us as children. In all we have been failed by those around us as younglings. Simple. This is not to say we blame the current and past state of our parents or those who held that position, this is saying we now have the awareness to be able to dig deep into it and reveal it to heal it.

I did not need to:

  • Travel around the world to find a Guru: India, Bali, Tibet.
  • Go on a Vision quest to find myself
  • Drink ancient herbal elixirs to connect with the earth and myself
  • Study the the mired of religious belief systems
  • Teach, breathe and learn yoga
  • Read over 500 personal development books
  • Listen to everyone around me about their own personal journeys to enlightenment
  • Align my chakras whilst burning sage in front of my shrine
  • Visit remote tribes to find the truth

No I just needed to get real with myself and dive deep in to and cry those experiences I had as a child. Simple, to simple to sell aye. (-: