Why becoming humans not hippies is the most relevant thing I feel we could be doing

Truths for now, from my experience on this planet

  • We are all awesome mammals that we have re named to, “humans”
  • We are all intrinsically positive, good hearted, attractive beings who like and can collaborate with other mammals
  • We are connected to this mass and all it’s weirdness around us in some sense
  • We cannot control, manipulate and own anything or anyone
  • We simply want more humanized experiences such as; fun, love, belonging, laughter, connection, touch, exploration, inner growth etc
  • No other human can effectively change your emotions
  • Global conciousness or in simple terms, awareness to what the fuck we are doing here is rising

With our back pockets filled with a device that holds thousands of books, podcasts and access to the matrix portal i.e the www, we accelerate our ability to navigate every part of our life (or what we think is our life) from google maps for the surface of our planet, to Tinder that navigates the emotional realm of finding a mate for the night.We have something for every part of our human experience. With this though comes a lack of natural ability to effectively navigate life in a semi natural way, our feelings get covered up, our intuition dies and our primal instincts start to play out as the major driver of life, this being because it is the last thing that is left to operate and amplify (by society) after we have been brought down by those around us as younglings. Primal instincts are raw and simple, we still have these even when we are overwhelmed with all of the technicalities that the matrix* brings with it.

Though after a while we finally work out that we forgot how to think for ourselves or simply feel,we lost the natural ability to make choices based on our inner navigation and we seek outside for verification for our own lack of ability to navigate this so called complicated life! We go from being in our bodies to seeking externally in other forms of how we wish to feel.

This cycle of seeking and finding connection to something external wears us down, we find our cells exhausted. We have used all the tools in the book to find connection & navigation to the meaning to this life around us. We have connected with other sexual mammals, we have scrolled down the facebook page 21 times in just over an hour, all simply seeking something or someone we can associate ourselves and our self value to, anything! Anything outside ourselves. But we soon come to realise that, the fucker has been there all along, just waiting, yup, your inside space you may call your own i.e mind, body, spirit, chakra body etc, (just go with what works for you, no one is a guru, so just trust yourself on this one) we finally realise that your still in the same state that you left off of when you started to ignore this inner realm in hope that when you make enough money you will then have time for it.

The bright side

Hey, life is not that complicated. Seriously. We can make it complicated if we decide to relinquish our power of choice to the world outside of us sure, but it does not have to be. We can definitely operate in a natural frequency in this fantasy matrix we have created for ourselves or completely step off the grid in a jungle cabin and never operate in the reality that has been created for us, it’s your choice! We have to choose to remove wasteful frequencies from our minds by revealing & healing past hurts, instead of adding more guru based information until we find our natural ability to thrive again.

Simple fix

Yes there is really a simple fix. No book, no podcast, no meditation retreat or chakra aligning wizardery will leave you with a sustainable state of awareness. It will leave you with a definite imprint of a good feeling experience, though nothing that rewires the raw essense of your damaged neurochemistry & self navigation. See here is the thing, we are naturally attracted to natural things around us but we fail to realise what is natural and what is not anymore. This cannot be the way life operated before we had technology, so how can we not know how to navigate our day naturally and in line with what feels right. If this is not present in your life, it is time to follow those feelings you had as a baby again, simplify the matrix or bubble you have created for yourself and just be ready to get real with yourself.

Fuck intuition, follow what feels right and what attracts you. Be careful because your human damage (damage created by conditioning from the third party) will and can play out at anytime whilst you start to seperate yourself from the life you have attached yourself with around you. The direct feedback of lifes lessons will be in the form of resistance to your normal ways, usually in the form of triggers from other mammals. But these triggers are solely yours to look at and utilise as tools to grow. These are your packets of gold.

Before you follow you passion, purpose and preconcieved fantasy just take a breath and ask in on where your desires comes from to create these human made fantasies that we put our soul into. If it is solely for money, it ain’t gana be sustainable in the world that is coming to be. If it is inline with your natural navigation, your gut feeling or simply what lights up then we are on the path to what life is about.

Humans again, not hippies

Let’s try this “being real” thing again and leave all the stereotypical words out of this one, because at the end of the day we all want the same thing. We want time to connect with ourselfs and others and including all the good feelings that come along with all of those natural connections. We don’t have to waste our time, money and resources on those things that are already to be found in you.

This is solely my experience as a human becoming more real & raw by the day, by getting vulnerable about why we are dieing inside. Simply put, we never had any grownups follow us whilst we were younglings, in the most precious exciting times of our life’s when our intuition and imaginations are so alive!. The time when fun equalled exploration, adventure, experimentation and just really natural things that come from children. It ia time to step away from the industrial aged thinking and get real with ourselves again.


*similiar concept to the movie, yet a lot simpler, it is the human made fantasy we live in today. The “systems” we accept as greater them ourselfs, the thing that makes decisions against our own natural will. They act like they own us and that we as humans abide by there human made fantasies.

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