Inspiring a New Generation to Defy the Bounds of Innovation: A Moonshot to Cure Cancer
Joe Biden (Archives)

Hi Vice President Biden, I have advanced breast cancer. My son is 10. My mom died of breast cancer when I was 11 and you can bet I am trying my hardest to live as long as I can to be there for my boy. I know you can relate, based on your son’s family, and I feel your loss in my heart.

I appreciate your initiative. My specific concerns:

1. There is new research on what can be done to prevent cancer, from exercise to aspirin (for certain high risk groups) to controlling blood sugar with inexpensive drugs like metformin. I hope you’ll use your bully pulpit to let people know about this research, and some of the funding to support prevention. Also hope you will support public policies that help with prevention, such as efforts to increase gym in schools and decrease subsidies for sugar.

2. As you mention, there are some treatments now that people cannot access. The high cost of cancer meds is costing lives here and in other countries. I am worried that the Trans-Pacific Partnership, TPP, will exacerbate this problem. Hope you will put some attention on this issue. My views on TPP are at

3. Current financial incentives favor silos of information, favor treatment of advanced disease not curing or preventing early disease, and favor evergreening of old meds rather than new research. Hope you will address these issues in your work.

Thank you for this initiative.

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