MY Thirteen Reasons Why

It’s funny how quickly things change when, for some reason, your brain flips a switch. Suddenly, familiar things look unfamiliar. Colors are muted. What once held joy, now gives no comfort.

I just watched Thirteen Reasons Why. I had actually read the book three years ago, and was affected by it, but the TV series crushed me to the core. Why? Because I am Hannah. What you see in that series is a very close approximation of my life as a pre-teen and teenager. The only two differences are that I didn’t have a Clay waiting in the wings, secretly loving me, and I didn’t succeed at killing myself.

Suddenly, however, the desire to do so is back, and with a vengeance. If I had known how much worse life could get, I would’ve tried harder to end it then.

So now, it’s my turn to share my Thirteen Reasons Why. Maybe some of you who contributed to my downfall will actually read this. Maybe you won’t. I guess it really doesn’t matter does it? In the end, does anything?

Take a deep breath. Let’s get started with Reason #1.