After being with Christina’s and Onetrip in Vietnam for 2 years while directly helping Airbnb grow the market; I have stayed in numerous Airbnb listings in Vietnam. I’ve stayed at Cabins in the woods, townhouses, beach bungalows, condos, hostels, and even stayed at a complete stranger’s home who took me in for a night in the countryside. Through all my stays; I noticed that the gardens and beaches, the architecture and designs, and the location only comes second to the hosts. The people I had the pleasure of interacting with. Did I mention that I’ve motorbiked through Vietnam twice? All while humming the song “Bonjour Vietnam by Pham Quynh Anh”.

I then thought about Christina’s and how we are embracing our role as hosts and ambassadors of Vietnam to the world. I tried to look for an Airbnb review to show feedbacks from our guests and the first one I saw is…

One of 1279 reviews on this particular Airbnb account of Christina’s

A community is exactly what we are trying to build.

Then I went through photos of events and found some that showed our team in the act of manufacturing joy for ourselves along with our guests.

New Years Eve Dinner with team and guests @ Mountain Retreat, Ho Chi Minh City
Which table cheered the loudest?!

Who wouldn’t love to eat? So we often invite guests to join us for meals, and sometimes big dinners.

Now for entertainment, who doesn’t love music? This is where our team can unwind, joining up with other hosts and guests to rock the night away!

This is our weekly event “Rock The Nha (House)” @ Thi bar, in Ho Chi Minh City
It’s actually a live music night with open-mic!, Come perform and get a free beer! (first 10)
We Train!
We play!
And sometimes we get thrown into the water!

As I mentioned above, the most important thing to me are the hosts that I interacted with. But let’s also not forget about the space and design either.

And I think we have that @ Christina’s as well.

Christina’s Hoi An, aka Paradise
Best Airbnb Listing in Vietnam?
Now, there’s just something about this…

I noticed that I didn’t write much but only had a few photos…Well, did the photos speak loud enough?