Delayed Reaction


Let’s address; or maybe just mention a little bit about the attacks in Brussels. There’s no justification for it. But I wholeheartedly believe that people are not evil; that people will not kill meaninglessly.

These attackers are victims. 
Those who were physically affected (died or wounded) are victims; family and loved ones of theirs are victims. 
Everybody who value life are victims.
I dare also say that even the architect(s) who designed these attacks are also victims. I want to believe that the attackers are misled; their rationale for committing these atrocious attacks are probably due to the lack of understanding and compassion.

Even the architects are misled as well. I’m sure that their intent is to make the world a better place, and in their distorted reality — violence, death, pain, and suffering is necessary. 
Nobody kills for fun. 
Nobody makes the ultimate sacrifice because they woke up one day said “today’s the day”. 
There’s a set of belief that these people are being influence by; and I’m not alluding to religion. It’s the belief that their acts are good; that they have found some way to justify their acts.

When I saw the breaking news as the attacks were taking place, it again stirred something I buried deep inside since 2010. I had to go to the gym in order to maintain my calmness. But then I thought again, how would that help anything? would retaliation solve for anything? The ultimate question that I’m sure many leaders out there are mulling over is how to dig to the root of this issue. when Bin Laden died, it was a great victory; some even felt that justice was served (Karma, something I will touch upon in a bit as well). but the terrorist attacks did not stop. Then a few years later, the emergence of ISIS. How can we possibly find a solution for this? 
Not to solve just for ISIS or Al Quaeda or mass genocide in Africa or anything specific. 
But how could we find a way to make sure that the differences in cultures will not lead to animosity amongst?

Is it because the body count of these attacks are not big enough for the whole world to come together and find a solution?

A death from these attacks, is truly just one death. No different than a death from cancer or falling off a cliff. and alot of people die from cancer or other diseases. However, the psychological effects that it has on the rest of the world make it something much more frightening. 
Cancer is a disease. 
You could go to the doctors and get periodical checkups. We have diets and studies on how to minimize the risk of. 
Cancer has no quota. 
It doesn’t necessary have to take any lives. 
It could care less if 1 person die from it’s effects or 1 billion.

But these attacks; how do we lower our risks? They will happen. Do we avoid all tall towers, train stations, soccer games, marathons? And even if we do, that just means that WE lower OUR risks. Others who go about their normal daily lives will be at these locations and will be affected. 
The attacks will happen whether or not we are there to be victims.

But for sure, the attacks are seeking victims
Cancer does not seek out victims.

I’ll put it simply. I just think that it just isn’t fair. Do I sound childish?

“life isn’t fair” you say? well it should be!, sorta.

Maybe this is just a world problem that will never be solved.

But I do not believe that.

Now, moving onto a different subject: Karma.

Why is it that whenever karma is mentioned, there’s a connotation of punishment? If somebody does you wrong, you automatically hope that they get what they deserve in the future. Based on Karma. Well, if you reverse that thinking process, then you would have to believe that you also got what you deserved as well. And if you deserved it, why would the person who wronged you have to get punished? It’s a silly thought.

But the real thing I want to point out here is that why is karma always negative? As if there’s a supreme being in charged of moral justice and this arbiter will tend to your indignations in life. Stop these negative thoughts. They’re just silly.


I hate the phrase “spend time”, but I guess it’s appropriate. Time is our biggest asset and we have to be cautious and careful with how we spend it. It’s something that we will never get back.

So there’s two ways that you could spend it — you either get to spend or you have to spend. One is a choice, an opportunity, a privilege. The other is a necessity, an obligation, a burden. I think to best secure our happiness, we need to curb the latter.

I think this is why I limit my time with people. Because most of the time, I feel as though it’s a have to spend. I’m not anti-social, but I also don’t like to sit around and drink coffee for an hour or two. I’m sure that some find it fun; well, I don’t even drink coffee. I rather look at myself in the mirror for an hour or two instead.

It’s a great feeling when you actually get to spend the time that you have. 
Everyday, I look forward to getting to spend my time in the gym. 
I look forward to getting a text from her, and having the opportunity to have dinner with. 
I look forward to the in-between times that I have which I could pick up a book and read; 
having the opportunity to be a part of a great team that is trying to create an impact and making the world a better place. 
The small little things which adds up to your overall happiness. 
But then again, 
it’s also a matter of perspective. 
It’s how you look at the events in your days.

I look forward to waking up in the morning and taking a shower; 
then having breakfast — 
on a good day. 
On a bad day, 
I dread having to wake up and take that annoying shower which will ruin my sleep. Then having to eat breakfast or else I won’t have enough energy to get through the day.

Going back to the picture I had on top. of the pulse. It’s consistent. 
But in life, it’s very hard to be consistent in our daily lives. 
The only thing that we have the ability to control is our own perspective. How we look at life will determine our level of happiness.

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