Tomorrow, will be tomorrow until midnight strikes. Rushing, dreading, evading won’t change a thing. Tomorrow will be there, whether you’re excited to see a loved one or don’t want to part with. But the point here is allowing yourself to live out today. Tomorrow’s not going anywhere, it’ll still be waiting for you in the same place that it was always meant to wait. And the day after will then take it’s place.


So today, I was eating and as I was paying, I noticed that I just handed this guy currency note but he handed me back like 6 in return. It made me stared at the wall and think about that for a moment. About not having to carry gold or silver in my pocket or have to exchange something of equal value for the food that I just ate. It’s just an accepted form of currency that makes life easier for everybody. It feels great to live in a world where things are simplified.

I have this issue whenever I used to go running that I always think about what I have to carry with me when I run. I’m loving the idea of wireless ear-buds because I won’t have wires hanging from my ears when I go running anymore. I’ll just look like I have hearing deficiencies. Anyhow, thoughts like should I carry money in case I need to get something to drink or maybe eat. Do I have to bring keys? if yes, do I need to wear shorts that have pockets and would the jingling in the pocket distract me from running, and would the constant movement in the pocket annoy me. I would hate it if I have to carry a Buffalo’s horn or a block of gold on me while I go running in the case that I need to bring some form of currency with me while I jog. Now, I just fold the note into 4 and slip it under my waistline in between my briefs and skin. My momma used to do that with money, alot of Vietnamese women used to, maybe they still do, keep money that way.

Patience can wear out, will wear out. It’s a matter of knowing where that threshold is for you and not exposing yourself to that situation. I know that if I walk with keys and a wallet in my pocket, no issue. that’s normal. But if I run with it, not normal, a distraction. Therefore I know where my patience will run out and I try not to put myself in those circumstances. I fail pretty often. Patient isn’t really a word that people would use to describe me.

I wanna write more..But I think I’ll write more later, maybe, if not, then whatever, January is almost over.

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