(113) I Disagree.
Classical Sass

You’ve said so much — and so well.

We are a complex species and yet, at our most basic we’re just scared animals hoping to find a place to belong. We tend to, as a whole and instinctually, see even the most benign of variance as a potential threat to be avoided. Or, as we attempt, superficially at least, to overcome our most simplistic natures, we pretend to see no difference and gloss over the distinctive and unique parts that make up humankind. Maybe it is a phase in our evolution, albeit a particularly sticky one. We each carry with us, not just our psychological “baggage” built from the totality of our own experience, but also the innate “baggage” of being human. We then spend our lives functioning with this added weight — sometimes we’re aware of it and the impact it has on our lives and relationships and other times, we’re oblivious (willfully or not) and we fumble around never questioning our motivations and decisions.

The thing that struck me most about this piece was how in tune you are with your own reactions and perceptions, as well as the reactions of others; that they’re not just taken for granted, that you’re willing to reflect on them, even if sometimes you don’t wanna. This is a skill and bravery of which we need far more.

But then I was a psych major so I just get excited about the idea of self-analysis in general. Basically, I just wanted to say, thanks for being a thoughtful, introspective type a gal. :)

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