Shouldn’t We Fix Poverty Before Migrating to Mars?
Leila Janah

You’ve covered a lot of ground I’m very passionate about.

I hope you can find time to read it.

A couple of succinct points touching on some very big ideas:

1) Fundamentally, the position is flawed because one person can work create a company while solving poverty requires alignment of government, public and private money and public will. Ideologically its a fun frame for the discussion but mechanically it doesn’t work.

2) Poverty can only be solved by roughly 2+ generations of a global population that knows the true meaning of security. Humans need to be safe and well fed before they can even begin to stop acting like animals backed into a corner. Security means food, shelter, education, and no abuse so young humans can grow up to be happy humans. Otherwise we’ll still have warlords, organized crime, etc etc and that will always generate agents who want to force others into poverty so they can be controlled.

3) While Elon Musk does have his sights on Mars, you have to keep in mind that much of the technology that is enabling our new future came from space programs. Whole sectors of our economy and social advances are because of the NASA and going to Mars. It will be years and years before we can understand and measure the bounty he is creating by bucking the system.

4) Musk is also making huge strides at getting us off oil with electric cars, home battery packs and solar roof shingles. Real products to make realy change now amidst the behemoth of control and sleaziness that is the oil industry.

In fact he is enabling another great shift of power that will help solve poverty (imagine giving back 1/4 of every paycheck to people since they don’t have to pay for heating oil, fuel oil, fuel taxes on every product, etc. Do the calculations. You’ll be nauseated when you figure out the percentage of your total gross that goes to the gas and oil industry).

5) Poverty is created by forced scarcity. There is actually no reason at all for anyone to be in poverty right now except for the fuedal and industrial ideas of power driving the executives and power brokers in the baby boomer generation. As they die off and younger people with more modern notions begin to take power, things will change rapidly.

Sadly climate change will accelerate this because of the mounting problems we’ll have to face in the next 10 years.

Hope you have a great day!

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