Jheri Curl Dreams
Felicia Horowitz

So good Pastor Felicia. So clear. It attends to so much. I know we are misshaped by all of the “No’s” we heard growing up and I know they live louder and larger than any affirmation of our budding interests and gifts when we were growing up, but how do we turn them down, those negations? How do we, at any age we find ourselves, locate the “Yesses”, and know, that somewhere along the way, somebody saw us and saw something striving inside of us? I love how this piece invites people to go back and find the “Yes, you are beautiful. Yes, you can sing. Yes, your idea is amazing. Yes, you can be and do and become that thing, even in the face of no proof that anybody from where you’re from became or did that thing.” Even if you search back, sift through the timeline of your life, and find that it was the smallest, “Yes”, find it. It has not been voided out.

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