Over the last few months, we have teamed up with an incredible group of student designers at Parsons School of Design to produce visual content that tells the story of our boots: the President, Captain, and Diplomat. The studio class is led by our friend and advisor Michael Robinson, who also designed our logo with us. It was an incredible experience to work with such a talented and creative class of designers. Below is a sample of the work that we created.

Created by Emma Funk
Emma Funk: Fairbanks, Alaska @emmafunkdesign

What inspired your Thursday project?

I was inspired to create images that, even just through product photography (with no people, no props), could capture very concrete, tactile elements of the boots in a dreamy, nostalgic way. The abstraction and surreal angles in some of the shots create a sense of intrigue and nuance that hadn’t yet been explored for these relatively straightforward products, and ultimately feel soft yet modern.

Emerging Artist Series lead by Alexandra Morton featuring Dominique Mills @dominiquemills
Alexandra Morton: Boston, MA @alexandra.morton

What was the most difficult aspect of the project?

I’d have to say sorting out the logistics of the photoshoot itself. They were so many components involved! I had two pairs of Thursday boots to work with, Dominique and his team to manage, 5 looks to photograph, and several apt photosets to create. Phew! It was definitely a team effort.

Created by Ankita Menon, Elizabeth Stankus, Sofia Oom
Ankita Menon: Dubai @ankitamenon

What do you like most about Thursday Boots?

Ankita: It goes with everything. A special occasion, a relaxed night out, a day at work, a run, just

Elizabeth Stankus: Beverly Farms, MA @elizabethstankus

everything. And to add to that, it bridges the gap between luxury brands and usability perfectly.

Sofia Oom: Porto, Portugal

What is your favorite corny boot pun?

Elizabeth: “Sole Mate”

Created by Jenny Reid
Jenny Reid: Bloomsfield, NJ @jennyjreed

What do you want to do after you graduate?

Go on vacation? Just kidding! (Kind of.) I am a graphic designer at NYU, enrolled in the Graphic Design AAS program. I attend courses in the evenings. My plan is to keep appreciating each day that I get to go to work and design stuff.

Emerging Artist Series led by Ben Sands featuring Mary Kang @mary.kang
Ben Sands: Austin, Texas @tuff.stuff

What inspired your Thursday project?

My project was inspired by the nostalgia I still have for the Texas outdoors. The boots for me evoked a strong feeling of growing up surrounded by nature. I have memories of building relationships with my friends while drinking beer at a natural spring. The feeling of finding a secret pathway amongst the trees, of climbing rocks in the sun, of being tipsy and gathering the courage to jump 20 feet into the water. I saw the boots there, and that’s what inspired me.

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