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Your feedback has helped Thurst improve many aspects of the app and work towards a higher level of safety and security for all users. As always, send your questions, concerns, and thoughts — your opinion matters and is a meaningful part of our growth.

A considerable amount of time has been dedicated to reconsidering the many ways in which the app could be more accessible. Our goal has and always will be fostering an online community where all of the LGBTQIA+ community can feel more seen, heard, and affirmed. Download the iOS app here.

For your continued support, thank you!

We started as just an idea on Tumblr a few years ago and we’ve been consistently working to improve this app as well as create a community of mentors, advisors, and supporters. With a good amount of guidance, we’ve updated the Android app and improved a few functionalities related to browsing and security.

All feedback is welcome, as we strive to continue improving and creating a platform that the queer community deserves! We take our time because our values are centered on not just building an app, but a space that reflects the world we dream of — which is…

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What started out as a Tumblr post in 2015 and evolved into a concept in 2016, then spun into a fully realized company in 2017 is now a well considered product. The struggles and development and growth were outmatched by our collective commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community and the pressing need for a platform that simply began to make space for the complexities nuances of human interactions across identities.

From a buggy beta, a group of supportive community members and technologists, and patient beta testers, we were slowly able to outline what needed to be improved upon and how it…

It’s been a significant journey of building Thurst from ideation and market testing phase to a beta on iOS and an Android release. We’ve been featured in several academic journals, podcasts, videos, and even in a book! Thurst had some bugs (fixed and squashed), some server changes, and some refreshing improvements. Thank you for your patience, continued support, and belief in what we’re building!

Our goals are simple: constant improvement and scaling, and considering how we can improve security and safety for updates in the coming months. We’ve naturally encountered roadblocks and delays, as expected with a small team, but…

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This article is to clarify some questions and comments regarding the app’s release — we had planned to release Thurst early in April, and ran into some critical issues that prevented us from publishing in various app stores.

After a careful evaluation, we decided to take our time to fix each bug and error so that not only would the beta be as good as it could be, given our own personal deadlines and expectations, but that it would be a base line future growth and the introduction of new concepts that will change the way we interact and view…


A dating app for queer people of all genders.

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