Thurst Android Updates and iOS beta

It’s been a significant journey of building Thurst from ideation and market testing phase to a beta on iOS and an Android release. We’ve been featured in several academic journals, podcasts, videos, and even in a book! Thurst had some bugs (fixed and squashed), some server changes, and some refreshing improvements. Thank you for your patience, continued support, and belief in what we’re building!

Our goals are simple: constant improvement and scaling, and considering how we can improve security and safety for updates in the coming months. We’ve naturally encountered roadblocks and delays, as expected with a small team, but we’re incredibly optimistic that we can work through all issues we face, through crowd-sourcing and collective support. We hope to release the iOS version in the coming weeks, once we’ve confidently surpassed the small issues that beta users were experiencing so that the majority of folks can benefit (again, major shout-outs to the beta testers)!

Thurst, co 2017

What’s been incredibly helpful: the feedback received through emails, reviews, beta testers experiences, and conversations about that this platform could become. It is not only our vision, but yours. Thurst exists because thousands upon thousands of queer and trans people wanted it to exist and put their time, donations, likes, support, and love behind it. We honor that and sincerely appreciate you all.

Please keep telling us what you want and we’ll do our best to construct a platform that matches your needs and wishes. Our ultimate desire is to make the safest, largest platform for queer people of all genders. It will take sometime and committed effort before we reach a level that matches our original vision — though we will always work on adding features and functionalities that feel beneficial to each user.

If you like what Thurst does and is building & want to buy us coffee, feel free to donate via Paypal. If you have a question or inquiry, please send us an email at

Stay queer and stay thursty!

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