Ujuaji mingi and other bureaucratic tales.

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“The Nation Media Group is a leader in media and entertainment with businesses in television networks, film, and TV entertainment, and uses its industry-leading operating scale and brands to create, package and deliver high-quality content on a multi-platform basis.”

Oh boy.

First things first.

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Final logo(s)? Seems they haven’t decide amongst themselves which it is. An uninspired call to action/slogan accompanied by some equally infuriating customized Rubino Sans

It’s sometimes hard to distinguish between good minimalism and bad minimalism in logo design. This, rest assured, is the bad kind. A poorly resolved “N” for a makeshift monogram they’re currently using on their social profiles under the guise that they’re now ‘one’ Nation. Standing alone, it’s one curve away from being Nas’ logo circa the time he unceremoniously dropped ‘Ether’. I won’t comment on the different executions floating around that swap the serifs and rotation on the different characters, but I will say this; I’m fairly certain that was not the intended usage.

Also, the graphics on the updated video clips actually made me cringe and laugh out loud from second hand embarrassment. …

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(‘Smoke’ 2015)

There’s several common aspects of life I’ve honestly had to give up, occasionally in extremes, a few of which I still largely keep out. A special lotus blossom essentially asked what I was willing to give up to succeed as an artist.

Not what I would do to succeed, but what I would give up.

My answer: Everything. I would give up everything.

This vague “everything” ranges from sweeping changes to my social and personal life down to substances and content consumed to entire aspects of my personality. …



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