Obsessive Angry Detractors
Owen Jones

The reason Saul was so irate after your last piece, is that there is absolutely zero reflection on what part you and your corner of the left has had in this mess. As far as you’re concerned, left-wing anti-Semites came out of the vacuum. And you expect plaudits for doing the absolute bare minimum.

After all, you were/are chief cheerleader for Jeremy Corbyn. You don’t think he might be an interesting case study in the left’s relationship with anti-Semites?

In your piece attacking the Government Boycott Legislation, you did not once seriously interrogate the link between BDS and anti-Semitism. Not even a little bit. Given that BDS seems to be predominately left-wing movement in the West, don’t nastier episodes (see anything on UK campuses, or the boycotting of an American Jewish rapper in Spain) warrant a quick look?

Additionally, do you not think that the vitriol for Israel that is so commonplace among left types might have something to do with it? That if you believe that Israel is literally *massacring* children, that might not affect your view of Jews? Particularly if it’s respectable leftist commentators spreading it rather than neo-Nazi nutjobs on Twitter? Incidentally, did you ever respond to that other“hard-rightist” Douglas Murray about your false allegations during the last Israeli operation in Gaza?

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