“Scarlet Burns”— A Short Story

One of two stories I wrote for a competition. We had a limit of a single page, but nonetheless, I hope you enjoy!

The wind howled in agony as I ran rapidly through the forest. My feet pounding upon the moistened and slippery Earth, twigs snapping under the pressure of my weight and mud flying with every forceful step I take. I’m careful to maneuver and avoid tripping over any and every death spouting objects. Because with my life in the crosshairs of death, stopping now or just even slowing down in the slightest, would mark my end, and I was not about to let that happen.

The storm rages on hard spitting harsh amounts of acidic rain upon the forest. My vision is blurred due to said rain and also the lack of energy that I posses, but I guess that is to be expected regarding the fact that I’ve been running and hiding for what feels like hours. I’m not one to give up and I’ll always find a way out, a way to continue living on, no matter what. But this is just getting absurd. Who would have known running out during the storm would be this bad? However, it needed to be done, I needed to go so that we could stop him.

Suddenly, just when the fire of my hope seemed to flicker, the storm calling for its extinguish, I see it before me.

Safety from this deadly storm, shelters upon shelters armored to the teeth against nature’s wrath and most importantly, my home. The village shines like a beacon before me, which considering the fact that it looks like an armored up ball of gloom, is saying something.

Even though it’s right before me, it seems to take me forever to reach it but once I do I’m overwhelmed with relief and excitement. I continuously hammer down my fists upon one of the reinforced doors, but to my despair there is no response… Why? Why is nobody answering?? I’m right here… I’m right here! At that moment it dawns on me. This storm is powerful, so powerful that objects smashing against the shelters walls wouldn’t be abnormal, so what? All I am now is an irrelevant object, banging and shouting for aid, for my rescue?

I shout out in frustration but the storm carries my voice, my cries and pleas into the howling wind. It takes it away within the desperation of the moment, just like my life will soon be wiped from this existence. I turn around and slump back first upon the cold sealed door. My eyes stay shut for a second, hesitant to reopen, but eventually they do… And right before me, I see death.

Red seeps through the trees, bushes and leaves, dying all their exposed surfaces with its blood vibrant tone, any breaths of life they expel are sucked right out. Gazing upon it first hand, the speed is actually unnatural. All this time it had been towering behind me, that… That monster. Hastily creeping up upon me, ready to consume me and to bring me to my end.

My eyes close once again, I take a few breaths and smile. Why you ask? Because this is my end, and I’m okay with that. My life ever since coming here has been more amazing than I could ever imagined, more amazing than it ever would have been if I never crashed here. So, I’m happy.

With these lasts thoughts I feel upon the bare naked skin of my body the rushing torturous heat of the storm, it boils and bubbles, the pain so immense that I want to scream, but the horrific thought of inhaling the devil’s fiery breath, allowing it to travel within me and mercilessly scorch my insides makes me forcefully keep my mouth such, no matter what. I pass out within an instance, my last thought being “This is my end.” But the last thing I feel, aside from the unholy pain, is my body falling back before I’m thrown into a sleep.

Whiteness. An empty void of just clear, pure white. For a moment I think that I’m dead, but that thought is quickly debunked by the shouting of my name. They yell and call for me to return back to them. I have to go back to them. For I remember the man that I must stop, the person who ‘leads’ them. I remember how he treats them and I’m the only one who can stop him.

My eyes slowly flutter open, everything around me is distorted and blurred, but once I do come to I’m met face to face with me, but it’s not me. Because I had smooth cream skin, but the person I see now has a cruel and rough patch of scarlet red running along her face. My tears sizzle on its burnt surface…

I hope you enjoyed this short story, I plan on publishing more. I’d also like to thank you for actually stopping to read this, haha. If you have any opinions on it, don’t hesitate to comment.

Until the next time! Bye. :3

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