The first 5 Euros!

Phew. All the hard work has finally paid off! I think I’m going to retire. No, but seriously, I don’t think I’ve worked that hard to get 5€ in all my life. Actually, we’re still not taking fees for the platform because at this stage, we still want to see where the journey is going. It was just because one of our users was nice and insisted we take a fee for the work we have done that we actually got the first 5 Euros. Still, it does feel like a bit of a confirmation that what we have done actually generates value for society :)

We also made it to 800 facebook ‘Likes’ this week and despite it being Friday, the busy week at TiMMi is also just getting started. We have our first public appearance at an exhibition for sustainable consumption on the weekend. For that, we have been painting banners and thinking about what promotions people might enjoy getting involved in. We also took a cargo bike out for a test ride (see for pictures). Maybe, one day, we’ll have our own fleet of these babies to be able to offer a TiMMi Express service! But ok, we need a few more 5 Euros before that time comes.

Actually, just thinking of this week is making me tired again so I guess I really will retire — to bed that is.